Really .. hell does freeze over ...

Really .. hell does freeze over ...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Are you even listening?

Why do I even speak?  I don't think anyone actually listens to me around here. No that's not true .. I know they aren't listening to me around here.  

Ladies .. we did well to take that "obey" bit out of the marriage vows but what were thinking by leaving in the "cherish" part?  What does cherish get us?  I haven't gotten any cherishing as of late.  What we should have put in was, 'Love, honour, and LISTEN'.  Now that would have helped out a heck of a lot better than that cherish garbage.  Listening would have been a great idea.

I'm a little tired of repeating myself.  Ughh.  That's got to be my number one pet peeve.  Especially, if I've been asked the same question before.  Hello?  You just asked me that an hour ago!  It must be a male thing.  Take notes or something.

Maybe I'm being a bit neurotic.  I don't seem to have this problem.  I remember conversations.  I seem to remember all conversations.  Perhaps this is something not everyone is able to do.  Or, my husband just tunes me out and figuring that I'm just babbling on about nothing important.  Only to discover later on, when he asks me a question pertaining to the conversation we had earlier, had he been paying attention, he would have not had to have asked the question in the first place.  That's frustrating.

Which leaves me with one question... are you even listening??


  1. well then, that's a start! I'll continue to write.